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  • Homeland Security Forum Newsletter: July Vol.1
    Over 100 Naturalization Ceremonies Take Place during Independence Day Celebrations
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  • The NIPSA Quarterly: South Asia's Policing Newsletter
    NIPSA is proud to announce the launch of its newly designed
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  • Ten Days Left: International Security Capacity Building
    International security is a key concern for all states given that local criminality, transnational criminal
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  • BJS Report: Household Burglary, 1994-2011
    The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has released
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  • SIPR Noticeboard - June / July 2013
    SIPR sends this communication to those with an interest in policing who we feel will benefit (academics, practitioners and policy makers etc.).
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  • Homeland Security Forum Newsletter: June Vol. 2
    New Congressional Budget Office Report on the Economic Impact of Immigration Reform
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    Deadline for Abstract Submission for Panels, Papers and Posters: 1 June, 2013 (no extension)
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  • Homeland Security Forum: April Vol. 2
    Written Testimony of DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis, State and Local Program
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  • The HALO Harbinger March/April 2013
    We are very grateful to have you as a loyal reader of Harbinger. To maintain the accuracy of our subscriber list and ensure that you continue receiving Harbinger
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  • Homeland Security Forum: April Vol. 1
    White House Office of National Drug Control Policy and DHS Highlight Progress in Disrupting Drug Trafficking Along the Southwest Border
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  • [ESC Newsletter] ESC Newsletter 2013 | 1
    In my first presidential message, I called for more attention to be given within criminology to the crimes
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  • BJS Report: released Workplace Violence Against Government Employees, 1994-2011
    BJS study finds rates of workplace violence higher for government employees.
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  • Annual International Conference on FSCR: Call For Papers 2013
    Annual International Conference on Forensic Science Criminalistics Research (FSCR) aims to bring together leading academic scientists,
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  • Submit Comments on Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking
    On Tuesday, April 9, 2013, the White House announced the release of Coordination, Collaboration, Capacity: Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human
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  • Forthcoming Seminars in May of interest to Policing and Criminal Justice
    Crime Justice & Liberty in the Technological Age Exploring challenges for Police, Prosecution Child Exploitation and Social Work, 9 May..
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  • Win an Award for Researcher-Practitioner Partnership in Law Enforcemen
    Apply 2000 now for the IACP's award for excellence in policing research.
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  • Correcting Assault Weapons Ban Myths; Making "Stop and Frisk" More Palatable to the Community
    An Urban Institute evaluation and its follow up study have been used both to support and refute a new assault weapons ban.
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  • Register to Attend National Crime Victims' Service Awards Ceremony
    National Crime Victims' service Awards ceremony Wednesday, April 24, 2013
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  • SIPR Noticeboard - March / April
    Human Trafficking: Unweaving the Web of Online Human Trafficking. University of Dundee, 28th March.
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  • Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference
    Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference Law enforcement executives now have it all in one place: Five critical concepts that are proven to improve policing and save money.
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Knowledge-Based Management of Crimes and PSC

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